Design of Rocket Engine Exhaust

The physics used in rocket design is not very different to what we read in our schools but with a slight change that some laws of physics are changed a such high velocities. Earlier we posted about the blunt shape of rockets and missiles. This post is about the design of Rocket Engine Outlet or Throat. In this post you will also learn about the simulation of flow of exhaust from the rocket engine which will help you better understand the design of rocket engine throat. Advertisements

Why Missiles and Rockets are Blunt from Top?

Everyone knows that air planes, missiles and rockets are designed to minimise the air friction by creating an “Aerodynamic shape”. We all were taught in school that they have a streamlined design that allows air to pass easily. But what makes the design more streamlined? A Pointed top like in most fighter jets or a Blunt top like in missiles or Rockets.